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Paradigm is no longer an active raiding guild.


We've got the cure for what ails 'ya........

Pyreflame, Jul 17, 10 12:15 AM.

Maaluss Imbued is the problem, Paradigm is the cure! Grats everyone to another hard mode mob kill!
Actual Kill Date: (7-13-2010)

It's what's for dinner....

Pyreflame, May 26, 10 7:40 PM.

It's BBQ time at Paradigm! Take one dragon, add a dash of annoying raid scripting, and Kill! Serves 24. Grats folks on another milestone, and our second hard mode mob! (Actual Kill Date: 5-23-2010).

Paradigm Evicts Toxxulia from her Mound!

Pyreflame, May 16, 10 7:28 PM.
WTS: One BR Home, slightly scuffed, scenic view. Great starter home, unless you drop loot, then expect another visit. Grats everyone on our first SF zone clear! :) (Actual Kill Date 5-11-2010)

Paradigm Checkmates Roehn Theer (1 Rune)!

Pyreflame, May 3, 10 12:52 AM.
Don't hate the game, hate the player, especially when it's Paradigm kicking your ass! Roehn's cheesy chessboard doesn't stop us from dropping him into the ground and taking his loot!

Three Sages (EZmode) dropped!

Pyreflame, Apr 19, 10 9:36 AM.
Three divided by Paradigm equals zero! The Three Sages drop to Paradigm and our quickest HO clickers!

Perah'Celsis and the RNG of Death falls to Paradigm! :P

Pyreflame, Apr 15, 10 11:55 PM.
Random shit be damned, we still take it down! :P   Paradigm puts Perah'Celsis 6-feet under!  :P
Grats folks on another milestone and SF progression killl!   :P
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